To educational institutions and corporations

The Tokyo Central Japanese Language School (TCJ) provides Japanese language education that supports and caters to the various needs of struggling students in Japan who wish to become “true global citizens.” Additionally, TCJ has worked alongside numerous schools and companies since its foundation, and we hope to continue to build mutually-advantageous partnerships.

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Japanese Language Training for Corporations

We mainly offer the following three varieties of Japanese language training for corporations.

1 Dispatch of Japanese teachers to your company

2 Participation in classes at the school or private lessons (from one session per week)

3 Participation in the Japanese language education program that meets your company’s expectation

Please inquire here for further details.

Program (Example Case)

June 2016 We held a short-term intensive Japanese language course for a group of three new international employees.

The program ranged from essential daily conversation for living in Japan to topics like the necessary formal Japanese for business situations, with occasional written tests, providing a comprehensive package of Japanese study.

Students’ Voices: Comments by Program Participants

Restu Ikhsanul Fikri (Indonesia)
The teachers were very friendly, and the classes were a lot of fun. Though it was only for the short period of one month, I was able to comprehensively practice conversation, reading comprehension, and writing skills, and I truly feel that I’ve now acquired those skills. It’s still difficult for me to speak Japanese fluently, but I hope to keep using Japanese every day and work on it as a member of society.

Altofius Junitro Tibang(Indonesia)
I think the teachers are very skilled at instruction. Even if I was tired in the mornings, class was so much fun that I was wide-awake as soon as they started. I’d studied Japanese on my own, but I was able to learn a great deal from the teachers that you can’t find in books. I also had the opportunity to talk to the teachers about life in Japan. I’m hoping to continue studying Japanese and take the N2 test.

Yan Sijie(Shanghai, China)
The course was very useful, as I was able to study the kinds of formal Japanese that businesspeople often use. Also, it took me a long time to answer questions before I took the lessons, but with plenty of lessons that encouraged speech, I learned conversational skills and the speed at which I spoke improved. I hope to keep up the hard work as a member of society using Japanese.

Examples of Past Participating Companies

International organizations, foreign IT firms, Japanese firms, major cosmetics companies, audit corporations, online game companies, talent production companies, etc.