Student’s Voice (Taiwan) | 2012-05-26
After graduating from university, I decided to study at graduate school in Japan to help me with work in the future.

  • Name : Fang Tsai Wei
  • Place of Birth : Taiwan
  • Graduated from university in Taiwan → Studied at TCJ (simultaneously taking the Japanese language course and the Japanese Teacher Training Course) → Tohoku University Graduate School

What is your motivation for coming to Japan?

After graduating from university, I decided to study at graduate school in Japan to help me with work in the future. Having looked at lots of study abroad materials and asking Japanese friends for their opinions, I decided to enroll in TCJ’s “420-hour Japanese Teacher Training Course”. Since the field I wish to study at graduate school is related to Japanese language teaching, I was able to supplement my specialist knowledge and see for myself actual teaching styles and classrooms.

Moreover, I had already achieved Level 1 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, but after passing this level I did not know what I should do to further improve my Japanese language skills. Looking at the TCJ course content, I thought that beginning with these courses (for example, linguistics and phonetics) would enable me to solidify my Japanese language foundation. By doing so I wanted to further my understanding of how Japanese people think and smooth my own expressive ability to come closer to Japanese patterns.

How do you like a year at TCJ?

Since I was enrolled in the “420-hour Japanese Teacher Training Course”, I was only at TCJ for a short period of one year, but during this year the school held many international exchange events such as the end-of-year bonenkai party, hot springs trip, and flower-viewing. These events not only deepened relationships between the international and Japanese students in the “420-hour Japanese Teacher Training Course”, but also provided an excellent break from study.

In this one short year, I was able to make many friends from different countries. Even outside of classes, on holidays we all went out together (such as going to Disneyland or holding nabe pot parties or barbeque parties). For me, living in Japan by myself, these experiences were wonderful memories as well as a source for making my life in Japan even more fulfilling and splendid, and so my time at TCJ was truly enjoyable.

What is your future plan?

I would like to work in a job related to international exchange. I have entered graduate school with this goal, and I want to study so as to be able to contribute to exchange between Taiwan and Japan in the future.

Please say something to TCJ students.

(To everyone who wants to study Japanese or improve their Japanese language skills even further)

Lessons are important, but the most important aspect of studying is whether or not the learning environment is right for you. Accordingly, when choosing a language school, please go to the school in person to get a sense of the atmosphere. (However, this is normally very difficult to do, so please create a picture in your mind from assessments and opinions posted on the Internet, etc.)

If, however, you are the type of person who prefers there to be no distance between teachers and students (all of the TCJ teachers are surprisingly youthful); if you want to become friends with international students from various countries (I recall 10-20 countries); if you enjoy international exchange events; and if you like a Hawaiian atmosphere (laugh), I heartily recommend TCJ to you. ☺

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