Lifestyle Questions

How much is the living expense in Japan?

It costs about ¥100,000 JPY each month if living in Tokyo.

Does school provide student dormitory?

Yes. TCJ provide various student dormitories and shared houses within commuting range.

In case of illness and injury, do students subscribe insurance?

International students are enrolled in National Health Insurance and International Insurance. Students need to pay only a small portion of medical care in case of illness and injury, if they are the subscribers of the insurance.

Can I do part-time job?

Those with a Student Visa can do part-time job up to 28 hours a week, if they have applied for permission to engage in activities other than that permitted under the status of residence.
Those with a temporary visitor’s visa cannot do part-time job.

Can I buy a student commuter pass?

If you use Toei transportation (Toei Railways or Metropolitan bus), you can buy a student commuter pass with a student discount. If you use other transportation (JR and other railways), you can buy a commuter pass.