About the School

How many students are there in one class?

In Daily Course there are 20 students in one class on average. About other courses, please contact the school for more information.

How to decide which class to study with?

There is Level Division Test in the beginning, testing students’ reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. The students’ preference is also taken into consideration.

Does school support students to get in universities?

Yes. Support for essay writing of EJU Test and practice of past exam questions are held in the classes from the intermediate level. The college-preparatory support is strongly linked to the real exams. Individual essay writing and interview support is also provided.
In addition, for subjects other than Japanese in EJU, TCJ also provides support courses. 

Is there chance to have scholarship?

International students can apply for scholarship upon the school’s recommendation. The condition for application is that “one’s school attendance rate should be 95%”, and that “one is getting to advanced educational institutes”.

Is there opportunity to communicate with Japanese students?

TCJ also holds Japanese Teacher Training Course. International students and Japanese students study at the same campus, and therefore have a lot of opportunities for communication. In addition, TCJ holds various activities and Japanese students would also join in. Please do come here to communicate with Japanese students and make more friends.

Is there space for self-study after class?

There is study room at school. Students studying in the study room can borrow JPLT and EJU Test exercise books.