About Visas

Q: My Temporary Visitor’s Visa is going to expire. Can I transfer it to a Student Visa?

Normally one cannot change Temporary Visitor’s Visa towards Student Visa (However, if one has obtained the Authorization of Resident Eligibility, he or she may transfer the visa to Student Visa). Please contact TCJ for more information.

Q: Is it possible to transfer the Working Holiday Visa to Student Visa?

Yes, but TCJ recommends that you obtain a certificate of eligibility as a student to change your visa status.

Q: I have Engineer Visa with me, but I want to improve my language skills. Can I transfer my visa into a Student Visa?

It’s possible to change the visa. Visa application depends on individual situation. Please contact TCJ for more information.

Q: Although I don’t have a Student Visa, I am now living in Japan with another type of visa. Can I study at TCJ?

Yes. You can start to study at TCJ right now.

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