About Continuing to Higher Education

I plan to go on to advanced educational institutes, but I don’t know which school to choose.

TCJ has substantial information of graduate schools, universities, professional colleges of various fields. First of all, please consult the teachers for information and advice. TCJ provides the most appropriate advice for each individual student. Furthermore, instruction on advanced education is regularly held at TCJ. Please make good use of the opportunities.

Because it costs money, I hope I can go on to advanced institutes the sooner the better.

If a student starts from the beginner’s level at TCJ, he or she can reach intermediate level after 1 year. With the Japanese ability about JLPT N2 Level, students can choose from a variety of universities and professional colleges. However, it often occurs that many students choose to come back to study Japanese, and re-try to apply for other universities. It is better for everyone to have a brighter future, if one can apply for good universities with a well mastered Japanese language skill, which would better be advanced level. (Great universities are often the guarantee of a better job opportunity, which will pay off the tuition fees very soon.)
We advise students to go to the schools they “want” to get in, not the schools they “can” get in.