Student’s Voice (China) | 2012-07-26
Although the study at TCJ is intense, there are many interesting events here.

  • Name : He Xu Yang
  • Place of Birth : China
  • Graduated from university in China → Studied at TCJ (graduated in 2012) → Chuo University

What is your motivation for coming to Japan?

I learned about TCJ from Nishimura- Sensei when he visited China, and I thought it was a great school.  So I came to Japan to learn Japanese.

How do you like the 2 years at TCJ?

Although the study at TCJ is intense, there are many interesting events here.  Please look forward to them.

What is your future plan?

After graduating from college, I will go back to China and find job there.

I also plan to invite TCJ teachers to my wedding.

Please say something to TCJ students.

Student life is not always easy.  If you have a problem, do not be shy to consult with the teachers.

The school is so much fun, however, you are responsible for your exam study.

Don’t let your guard down, and do your best.

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