Student’s Voice (China) | 2012-04-26
I will continue to pursue a master’s degree after undergraduate.

  • Name : Meng Chiye
  • Place of Birth : China
  • Study at TCJ (Graduated in March 2012) → Waseda University


What is your motivation for coming to Japan?

I have planned to go abroad since I was a high school student. The reason why I chose Japan as my destination is that Japanese people share similar traditions and ways of thinking with the Chinese. Meanwhile, there are many places where Chinese people can learn from nowadays Japan.

From the cultural perspective, Japanese society has well preserved the manners and habits of ancient China. In terms of education, Japanese universities are renowned with their high quality. Therefore, for me, a self-disciplined student who is not that outgoing, Japan may be a suitable place for study abroad.

How do you like the 2 years at TCJ?

TCJ never trains students into learning machines. Nevertheless, the school emphasizes a lot on inter-personal communication, and provides students with opportunities of self-development.

During the 2 years at TCJ, I prepared for the college entry exam in Japan while learning the language. In addition, TCJ holds different events every season to help students understand more about Japan. Surely Chinese students who share similar cultural background with Japanese can soon get to taste the elegance and pleasure in Japanese culture.

What is your future plan?

Since I just entered university, I don’t have a clear future plan. Right now I think very probably I will continue to pursue a master’s degree after undergraduate. After that I might go back to China for a career near my family.

China is rapidly developing with numerous opportunities. I hope that what I learned in Japan will lead to a road of happiness for my family and myself.

Please say something to TCJ students.

Some of you may feel worried or afraid during the beginning period in Japan, especially when it is the first time you left your sweet home.

I believe that the value of study abroad lies in “independence”: you must learn to depend on nobody but yourself when encountering troubles, to weigh the gains and pains when you have to make a decision. The road to a university is not merely a road of study, but a road that helps you grow up. And the language school is not only a bridge between the university and the society, but also a road between your past and future.

Make best use of your time at TCJ. It helps you develop yourself farther and smoother.

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