School Outline

A school with 30 years of history

The Tokyo Central Japanese Language School (TCJ) was founded in 1988. Since its foundation, we’ve been pouring our efforts into teaching foreign nationals Japanese and training Japanese teachers. The student body of TCJ is made up of about 800 stundents (as of July 2018). There’s always a wide variety of students from around 30 to 40 countries across Europe, the Americas, Africa, and primarily Asian countries such as China, making the school a place where international exchange takes place on a daily basis.


TCJ’s Three Key Features

  • 1.Diversity: Both foreign students from over 30 different countries and Japanese students study at TCJ.
    TCJ always has students from over 30 different countries and territories, meaning that it’s an environment where you can use Japanese even after class.
    Additionally, our Japanese teacher training course with many Japanese students is under the same roof, providing plenty of opportunities to interact with the Japanese students and get help with conversation in Japanese.
  • 2.Convenience: TCJ is located in the heart of the city, near tourist destinations.
    TCJ is situated in Shinjuku, the new city center of Tokyo.
    This makes it very convenient for getting to school, shopping, and looking for part-time work, allowing for a smooth start to your life in Japan.
  • 3.Friendliness: Our teaching staff will gladly listen to our students’ concerns, whether it’s about life in Japan or plans for after graduation.
    TCJ is a school where students use the Japanese language to seize their dreams. As such, our teaching staff makes students their number one priority. (Maybe that’s why we’re a bit strict!)
    If you have trouble getting used to life in Japan, or if you need help finding your way with study or plans for after graduation, you’re always welcome to count on the teachers for help. We’ll gladly listen to your concerns.

Accreditations and Certifications

Accredited as an excellent school by the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau, Ministry of Justice
Recognized by the Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education