Academic/Career Guidance and Achievement in Going on to Higher Education

100% of students who wish to go on to higher education succeed with our friendly guidance!

TCJ offers individual, friendly guidance to support the wide range of ambitions of its international students.
Additionally, we hold periodic orientation sessions for continuing to higher education, and provide opportunities for graduates to talk about their experiences in taking entrance exams.
Students who are considering going on to higher education are recommended to actively take part in these sessions.

Higher Education in Japan

Recommendations to partner schools, recommendations to specific schools

TCJ has a number of partner universities and vocational schools in Japan to which students can gain priority admission if they meet certain conditions. Please consult with the teacher in charge of your class or an academic counselor for more information.

Achievements: High Admission Rate (successful candidates for 2015 academic year)

Graduate school

Institution Name
Hitotsubashi University(2people),Yokohama National University(3 people),University of Tsukuba(3people),Tohoku University,Chiba University
Keio University、Waseda University (2people)、Sophia University (3people)、Gakushuin University、Rikkyo University (3people)、Ritsumeikan University、Meiji University、Hosei University,Kokugakuin University,Nihon University,Kokushikan University,Musashino University,Asia University,Tokyo Gakugei University,Kyushyu Sangyo University

University/Junior College

Institution Name
Hitotsubashi University,Tsukuba University,Osaka Kyoiku University,Shizuoka University (2people),Kyoto Institute of Technology、Yokohama City University,Takasaki City University of Economics
Private/Private junior college
Keio University,Waseda University (2people),Sophia University,Meiji University,Rikkyo University (2people),Aoyama Gakuin University (2people),Chuo University  (3people),Hosei University,Ritsumeikan University (2people),Musashino Art University,Tama Art University,Sensyu University,Komazwa University,Nihon university (3people),Asia University,etc..

Vocational College

Institution Name
Nakano School Of Business(17people),SUNDAI Computer & Business College(2people),SUNDAI College of Business &Foreign Languages(3people),Tokyo Design Academy(3people), Japan Electronics College(5people),Bunka Fashion College,Nihon Kogakuin College etc..