Enjoy Japanese Culture through Various Activities

With goals beyond Japanese language teaching, TCJ makes efforts to build students into TRUE INTERNATIONAL TALENTS. Students are encouraged to participate in various cultural activities to learn and understand Japan.

A wide range of events

January:New Year’s Visit to the Shrine,Febrary:Setsubun,
March:Girls festival/Bus Trip,
April:Cherry-Blossom Viewing,
May:Extracurricular Study,
July:Camp School/Star Festival (July 7),
September:Fall Festival,
November:Extracurricular Study/International Exchange with Middle School Students,

*Term-end exam: March,June,September,December

Bus trip 2016 Edo wonderland

New Year’s Visit to the Shrine

Bus Trip

Bus Trip

Girls festival

Cherry-Blossom Viewing,

International Exchange with Middle School Students

Student’s voice

My two years at TCJ flew by so quickly that they felt like two weeks. At TCJ I was able to experience enjoyable activities in various fields.
All of the teachers were very considerate to me and always provided support whenever I asked for help. It was a very enjoyable two years.

Student’s voice