Information on Procedures

Residence card: Your identification as a foreign national staying in Japan

When you arrive at the airport and submit your passport and Certificate of Eligibility at the entry visa inspection, you will be issued with a residence card. This card is granted to foreign nationals residing in Japan for a mid-to-long-term stay. If you wish to take on part-time work, you must also submit an application for Permission to Engage in Activity Other than That Permitted under the Status of Residence Previously Granted at the entry visa inspection.

You aren’t required to always carry your passport with you during you stay in Japan, but you must always carry your residence card. Students on a temporary visitor visa are not issued residence cards and should carry their passport with them.

Once you have received your residence card, you must inform your city or ward office of your address. This procedure must be done within 14 days of entry to Japan.


National Health Insurance

Medical costs are high in Japan, so please ensure that you enroll for national health insurance to enjoy your life as a student in safety. Students on a student visa will carry out enrolment for national health insurance at the same time as they register their address at a municipal office. As a rule, those enrolled for national health insurance will pay only 30% of the fees when receiving care for illness or injury at hospitals or clinics. The remaining 70% will be covered by the health insurance.

If you move house, you’ll need to apply for a new insurance certificate at the municipal office for your new address.

Bring your previous national health insurance certificate with you when you go to get the new one at the office for your new address. If you do not carry out this procedure, you won’t be able to receive national health insurance.

* You’ll need to take care of these procedures yourself. We cannot do this for you at TCJ. You may consult the Student Department staff if there’s anything you don’t understand.

International Student Insurance

By combining your national health insurance with international student insurance, you can enjoy even more piece of mind during your studies.

Your international student insurance will cover any value over 3,000 yen from the 30% of medical fees you pay after national health insurance is calculated. (However, this does not include chronic diseases or dental fees.)

The cost of international student insurance is included in the school fees for students on student visas.

Example: You break a bone, and the cost of treatments and medicine comes to 30,000 yen

After national health insurance, you pay costs of 9,000 yen.

Furthermore, by adding international student insurance, 6,000 yen of that will be refunded, for an ultimate cost of 3,000 yen.

Extending Your Period of Stay

In order to continue studying in Japan past the period you were permitted to stay on entering the country, you’ll need to apply at the Bureau of Immigration for an extension of period of stay. You can apply for this within three months of the last day of your period of stay. If you want to extend your period of stay, please let your teacher or Student Department staff know as early as possible. Note that you can only be registered at Japanese schools such as TCJ for a maximum of two years.

Purchasing a Cell Phone

A variety of necessary procedures to live in Japan require a means to contact you, having a cell phone is pretty handy.

When getting a phone number, there’ll be different contracts available to you depending on the length of your stay in Japan. After admission to the school, cell phone companies will hold information sessions to explain.

Commuter Railway Pass

If you take the train or subway to get to school, get a commuter railway pass! You can use the pass as many times as you like between your nearest station to home and the nearest station to the school( Shinanomachi). This saves you the time spent buying tickets every day, and also saves you money in transportation fees! The Student Service Department staff can explain how to buy a commuter pass after your admission to the school.