Greeting from the President and staff

Greeting from the President

Since the founding of TCJ in 1988, we have considered the realization of our students’ dreams through Japanese language education our duty, and have devoted ourselves to our own study to further this aim. For us, study itself is not the goal—it is how the knowledge gained through study is used in life that we focus on. I hope for our students to become global citizens who can put their skills to work throughout the world once they have completed their studies.
As the pace of globalization quickens, there is more and more need for high quality talent regardless of nationality. We are working to continue building a solid foundation to grow the talent the world needs and to support the realization of our students’ dreams.

President Toyoaki Miwa

President Toyoaki Miwa

Greeting from the Vice President

The Tokyo Central Japanese Language School (TCJ) aims to be Japan’s greatest school for Japanese language study.
I do not mean that it will simply be the biggest. More than anything, I hope for our school to be Japan’s greatest in terms of quality. We hope to produce people who can serve as bridges between Japan and their home countries, and to increase the number of talented individuals who can perform on a global stage, in whatever way we can. As such, we put a great deal of effort into providing guidance to help our graduates find their future path after their studies here. On top of this, we also put the greatest emphasis on providing a thorough education in the Japanese language. Though our courses may be harsher than other schools, if you have a clear goal, then the time you spend studying at TCJ will surely prove an invaluable asset to you.

Vice President Yūji Omata

Vice President Yūji Omata

Staff Introduction

Teachers in Curriculum Coordination Department

Ubukata, Head of Department

What kind of mental image of Japan do you have? When studying a language, you also study the culture behind it. Our experienced, unique teaching staff helps our students seize their dreams by supporting them from study all the way to finding their future careers. Come, and let’s study Japanese together!

Head of Department

Keita Hatai, Department Manager

I’d like for our students to keep in mind what kind of society they’d like to be a part of in future, and what kind of people they’d like to build relationships with, while they think about why they have chosen to study Japanese. We teachers look forward to meeting new students in whom new possibilities for the future dwell.

Department Manager

Chitose Ahiko

The teachers give their full support to each and every student so that they can make the most of their time studying in Japan. Come and study Japanese together with people from all over the world in Shinjuku, the seat of the Tokyo metropolitan government!


Towako Fujii

To those who are thinking of studying in Japan, What would you like to do in future? By studying Japanese, your horizons will expand. Enrich your life by acquiring Japanese skills and growing as a person!


Junko Tokuda

Though you can study Japanese in your home country, by studying abroad, you’ll make new discoveries and have new experiences. I’d like to share in our students’ precious moments of surprise and excitement. I hope that each and every one of our students finds many moments to treasure during their studies in Japan. Let’s take the first step together, toward a fulfilling experience studying abroad!


Wakako Gotō

Why would you like to study Japanese? Is it to find a place in a university, or to embark on a career?
I’m sure everyone has their reasons for studying in Japan, and I’ll work my hardest to give them my full support so that they’ll never have trouble in their future lives here.
Let’s use Japanese to broaden your horizons and make your dreams a reality!


Yukie Nakamura

What do you dream of? What would you like to do in Japan? There are all kinds of fun things about studying abroad. Let’s spend our time together in a fulfilling way, with firm goals in mind.
I’m looking forward to helping you with your studies!


Hironori Koyanagi

I became a Japanese teacher after having spent time working as a tutor and studying abroad myself. I’d like to use Japanese to spend plenty of time communicating with our students. I’m looking forward to it!



Student Services Department

Teruo Nishimura, Dean of Students

Our school has a precise academic career guidance system based on a wealth of data, and lessons to prepare for tests for studying abroad in Japan. The school is also found in a convenient locale, making it a great learning environment. If you have any concerns about studying in Japan, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Dean of Students

増田 慎吾

I’ve studied abroad in China, and I know for certain that leaving your home country and living abroad expands your horizons. You will certainly discover qualities you didn’t realize you had, or perhaps the things that still need a little work. If Japan is the destination of this path you chose in the crossroads of your life, which would make me very happy.

Deputy Dean of Students

Sayoko Funatsu

I really enjoy watching our students in Japan mixing with students of all nationalities every day and gradually getting better and better at Japanese. I’m sure you must be worried about some things, like not being understood, not knowing how to act, or maybe not even having anyone to talk to… But whenever you’re worried, you’re always welcome to talk to us.


Ryōta Nakazawa

We welcome with open arms all kinds of people, from any country, who wish to study Japanese. I’ve lived in Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Taipei over the course of my international studies and work. I hope that the Chinese I’ve learned through those experiences will now help to support our students in their lives in Japan.



Treasure every moment you spend in a new country. The new discoveries and experiences are more valuable and inspiring than anything else. Our duty is help our students who have come to Japan to make the most of their new life and work hard toward a new future full of promise. Come take the first step on a new journey with us.



This year marks the eighth year since I arrived in Japan. I hope to keep creating fun memories together with our international students, and to work hard so that we can overcome the more difficult times together. I’m really looking forward to your arrival at TCJ.


Haruka Satsuta

I’ve lived in the United States, Australia, and Taiwan. Living abroad wasn’t always fun, and I did have some difficult experiences. I’m sure that you must have some concerns about the procedures for studying abroad and life in Japan. If there’s anything that’s troubling you, I’m always happy to listen!