Scholarship Systems

There are generous scholarship systems in place that don’t require repayment

We’ll let you know details such as application requirements after admission to the school.

TCJ Scholarships

Name / Allowance
Conditions / Target Nationalities
Higher Education Scholarship/
100,000 yen, 80,000 yen, 30,000 yen
• For continuing on to a university or a graduate school among those selected by TCJ (allowance varies depending on institution of choice)
• Have been at TCJ for at least a year at the time of graduation
• Admitted to TCJ within three years of last graduation in your academic career
• Have at least 90% attendance
• Have no unpaid tuition fees/dormitory fees
• Had no temporary returns to your home country during term that were not recognized by the school

All countries and territories

Perfect Attendance Prize/Regular Attendance Prize /
Differs depending on academic year/period of stay
• Have been at TCJ for at least a year at the time of graduation
• 100% attendance from admission to graduation: perfect attendance prize

All countries and territories

External Scholarships

Awarding Organization
Name / Value Received
Independent Administrative Institution Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)
Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students

30,000 yen x 12 months

Kyoritsu International Foundation
Kyoritsu Maintenance Scholarship

60,000 yen x 12 months

NPO LSH Asia scholarship
Lump sum of 100,000 yen

Comments by a Scholarship Recipient

Razzak Mohammad Abdur

“Before coming to Japan, I read books about scholarship systems in Japan. It was difficult to study Japanese while working hard at a part-time job, so I applied hoping to reduce the time I spent at work, even if just a little. There are many scholarship systems in Japan to support international students. Work hard at your Japanese studies and apply!” Read more