Student’s Voice (Germany) | 2011-11-26

  • Name : Friederike von Schrader
  • Place of Birth : Germany
  • Studied at TCJ (graduated March 2011) → majoring in global business in the Business Management Department at the Tokyo School of Business (2nd year student)


What is your motivation for coming to Japan?

I had been interested in Japan since my teens. Initially I came here for a year on a working holiday visa to get to know the country. However, living in Japan was so interesting and enjoyable that I wanted to learn more about Japan and master Japanese, so I decided to study here.

How do you like the 2 years at TCJ?

The two years at TCJ flew by. The classes were very effective and interesting. In fact, I was able to sense that my Japanese skills were improving faster than I thought I would, and fortunately I was able to achieve level N1 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test!

It was also good to be able to interact with people from various countries.

Of course, there were times when I fell into a slump. At such times, regardless of whether my worries were about my Japanese language studies or about my personal life, my TCJ teachers listened and were supportive, so I was able to overcome my problems!

What is your future plan?

Currently I am studying at a vocational school, and I haven’t clearly decided yet what kind of job I would like to do. I would like to find a job where I can make use of the Japanese language skills and experience I have learned in Japan.

Please say something to TCJ students.

First of all, I want you to contact TCJ and go and see the school for yourself.

Study is study, and so probably not every day will be fun, but when you look back, you will surely feel “My time at TCJ was great!” The school also organizes various events and a trip to an onsen hot spring resort, so you can also experience “Japan”!

Finally, I have some personal advice. You will probably make some friends from your own country at TCJ, but try to speak in Japanese as much as possible!

It’s such a waste to speak in your native language when you’re studying at a Japanese language school, don’t you think? If you think that, you should create as many opportunities as possible to speak in Japanese.

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