Student’s Voice (Ukraine) | 2016-10-24
The TCJ members will help you to fulfil your dreams.

  • Place of Birth : Ukraine

Please tell us why you chose TCJ.

There were few essential points that pushed me to make a decision to study not somewhere else but here in Tokyo Central Japanese language school.

First of all, it is because of the location which is right in the downtown of Tokyo. I considered it as very convenient for the afterschool activities like going for sightseeing, meeting with friends or going on a job that may be placed in an opposite side of the city than me.

The second reason it is the dialect which may vary in different parts of the country. Even though I like Japanese dialects but decided that it would be better to study language in an environment where I will be able to hear and practice an appropriate accent which is understandable all over Japan.

And the last but not the least question that bothered me was price. I assumed it as a reasonable one for the school which is in the centre of the capital.

Please tell us your impression on classes at TCJ.

Speaking of the studying proses and school’s support I should say that my impression is quite positive. Teachers are great and the staff members are very enthusiastic and eager to help you to solve any problems you have.

Please tell us why you study Japanese.

I always liked Eastern culture especially Japanese one. When I heard Japanese language for the first time I thought that this beautiful language is worth to learn it. I would like to have a job where I can use my knowledge of Japanese.

Please give us any advice for future students of TCJ!

As for advices, if you want to enter the university, a technical college or to pass the JLPT exam then this school is perfect choice for you! Also, it is a good place if you would like to improve your Japanese language skills and find a job in Japan in the same time. The TCJ members will help you to fulfil your dreams.

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