Student’s Voice (China) | 2012-11-26
I want to make use of my study in the 3DCG

  • Name : Bao Lei
  • Place of Birth : China
  • Graduated from university in China → Studied at TCJ (graduated in 2012) → Digital Hollywood University


What is your motivation for coming to Japan?

After graduating from university, I wanted to study abroad in a country that I liked. I came to Japan in order to broaden my perspective.

How do you like the 2 years at TCJ?

My two years ate TCJ were great fun. The events organized by the school were very interesting. The final hot springs trip we went in is still fresh in my mind. I was able to make many friends from other countries and experience different cultures – I think that was the best thing about my time at TCJ.

What is your future plan?

In the future, I want to make use of my study in the 3DCG (computer graphics) field and work in the Chinese animation industry. I also want to introduce specialized Japanese technology into Chinese animation to create even better works.

Please say something to TCJ students.

TCJ’s teachers are very kind and will help you if you have any kind of problem.

The teachers give students guidance to enable them to live fulfilling lives as international students in Japan, and so as we students needs to live up to our teachers’ expectations.

In addition, while concentrating on your studies is important, it is also very important to become friendly and get along with everyone.

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