Student’s Voice (CHINA) | 2016-08-31
Because the teachers supported me enthusiastically, I was accepted to one of Japan’s prestigious universities!

  • Name : DONG ZEXIN
  • Place of Birth : CHINA

Please tell us why you chose TCJ.

There are many reasons why I chose TCJ. Firstly, I thought I could have more chances to expose myself to the Japanese culture since it is located in Shinjuku, the central part of Tokyo.
Secondly, I liked that TCJ offers the guidance of various scholarships and many graduates from TCJ entered prestigious universities in Japan. I wanted to get a scholarship and enter one of the famous universities.

Please tell us your impression on classes at TCJ.

Because I had a strong desire to enter a university in Japan, I started preparing for EJU* at the same time I started learning basic Japanese.
During the first several months, I was overwhelmed by massive amount of information and had no idea how to cope with it. However, with the warm support from teachers, I gradually overcame the difficulties of EJU and learned how to prepare for the exam effectively. With the help of my enthusiastic teachers, I was accepted to Keio University.
(*Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students)

Please give us any advice for future students of TCJ!

I believe at times it is not the determination but how you devote yourself that leads you to success.
I hope you can find the path to pursuit with responsibility in order to make your dream come true. The teachers at TCJ will support you as much as they can!


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