Student’s Voice (China) | 2016-12-05
Selected for JASSO scholarship! It motivated me studying Japanese harder!

  • Name : FANG NINGYA
  • Place of Birth : China

Congratulations on your selection in Jasso scholarship. Please tell us why you chose to apply to this scholarship.

I am working part time so I don’t have trouble paying for my living expenses; however my parents are covering my school fees. I decided to apply to this scholarship since I am 24 years old, and wanted to reduce my parent’s burden. Though I won’t be ab le to pay for all of my school fees with this scholarship, I believe this is a one step forward to becoming independent.
I am very happy to be chosen for this scholarship. I couldn’t answer some questions in the interview due to my lack of language skill. Studying Japanese is more enjoyable since I became the scholarship recipient.

That do you think about the class in TCJ?

Classes in TCJ are not only about teaching the Japanese language skills, but also about teaching us the Japanese culture.
In addition, teachers in TCJ have a strong sense of responsibility, and conducted extensive research on my school of choice.

What are your reasons for studying Japanese?

My dream is to become a likable mathematics teacher on day. I majored in mathematics, applied mathematics and studied about various teaching methods in china. I would like to improve my Japanese language skills, while keeping up my expertise knowledge, and ultimately enter a graduate school here in japan.

Do you have any advice to those who are considering about applying to scholarship?

You will be asked various questions in an interview. It is important to consider your path in depth.

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