Student’s Voice (China) | 2016-08-30
What I learned at TCJ helped me not only grabbing a chance to go on graduate school, but also getting a job in Japan.

  • Name : GUO HONGFEI
  • Place of Birth : China

Why did you decide to enroll in Tokyo Central Japanese Language School?

When I was a University student in China, my major was Japanese and I was dreaming of going to Japan one day. After graduating from my home University, I was engaged in the job of Japanese language education for a year. Since then, I strongly felt that I want to step into Japan and to learn more about Japanese culture and the country. After I started searching information about study in Japan, I found this school as all students receive great support and help with their school work.

How was your study at Tokyo Central Japanese Language School?

My Japanese was totally improved and the school encouraged me to go on Japanese graduate school to pursue my dream. I really appreciate the school faculties for teaching me Japanese manners that I should know to settle in because it helped me quite a lot for the business situation where I’m engaged in now.

What advice would you give to future students who wish to study at TCJ?

I wish all new students have the exact goal to their study abroad. It should be a great big deal for each of them to decide about whether to study in abroad or not, however, what the most important thing is to understand what you really want to accomplish here in Japan. Please keep following your dream and look forward towards your future no matter what happens. It brings new hopes, new strength so buckle up for the better future. Right now, I work at a Japanese recruitment company which is specialized in constructing and real estate industry. On the weekend, I spend my days off watching SUMO games and visiting hot spring (ONSEN) and so on. I fully enjoy Japanese culture and my time in Japan now.
If you’re interested in learning more about Japan and the language, I recommend you to come over to Japan to make your dream come true. I believe TCJ is the best place to receive all support that you may need.

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