Student’s Voice (China) | 2017-07-14
I was adopted for JASSO scholarship! I am hoping to be a bridge between Japan and China!

  • Name : HU SIYANG
  • Place of Birth : China

Congratulations on your selection in Jasso scholarship. Please tell me the reason why you decided to study at TCJ.

One of my friends who work in Japan introduced me to TCJ.

What were you studying before you came to Japan?

I studied Japanese language.

What made you decide to apply to this scholarship?

It is because I wanted to have plenty time to study for going to a university by reducing working time.

How do you feel being chosen as the scholarship recipient?

I am very glad to be selected.

Did you find the TCJ class helpful?

Even in a short term, I feel my Japanese proficiency got improved.

How did your teachers support you?

My homeroom teacher recommended me to apply for the scholarship. She also counseled me a lot regarding my life in Japan.

What is your goal from now on?

I am hoping to be a bridge between Japan and China who can make the relationship of both countries closer.

What is your primary focus from now on?

I will do my best to go to the first choice of universities.

Do you have any message for people who are going to apply to a scholarship?

Please do your best with your studying!

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