Student’s Voice (USA) | 2016-08-31
The good location, reasonable tuition fees and the visa support system made me decide to enter TCJ!

  • Place of Birth : USA

Please tell us why you chose TCJ.

There were 3 main reasons why I chose TCJ.
The location is great with the 2 minutes walking distance from Shinjuku station to TCJ. Also, the tuition is cheaper than other schools and it provides the visa application support.

Please tell us your impression on classes at TCJ.

I learned Japanese independently for 4 years before coming to Japan, but I was not able to speak it well. The lessons at TCJ were more exciting than studying by myself.
The class environment was multicultural and I made friends with students who are from China, Vietnam and Nepal. Communicating with them in Japanese enriched my listening and speaking skills.
I had difficulties learninggrammar and Kanji, but I was eventually able to pass JLPT N3 level.
I stayed at a share house during my stay in Japan and I had a roommate who went to another Japanese language school. He said, he tended to use English instead of Japanese to communicate with his classmates because they were mainly from English speaking countries. From my perspective, you should try to use Japanese to improve your speaking skill while you study at a Japanese language school.
The percentage of students from Western countries is not high at TCJ, but I conversely found that it was an effective environment for me to improve my Japanese skills.

Please tell us why you study Japanese.

I like Japanese culture, especially Japanese music. I believe J-rock, J-rap and J-techno music are very high qualities.
I have a dream to be a music producer in the future.
I hope to join a technical school of music in Japan and become a producer for singers in the future while making use of the Japanese I learned at TCJ.
I really admire a producer named Mr. Yasutaka Nakata.
Mr. Nakata belongs to the production company, “ASOBISYTEM”, which distributes“HARAJUKU CULTURE”. I myself am strongly influence by its business
I admire the company so much that I often pass in front of the company while riding my bicycle and I wish I could work for the company as a music producer in the future.

Please give us any advice for future students of TCJ!

I believe anything is possible if you put all your effort into what you are interested in.
Personally, my purpose to study abroad was to learn the language, so I was not as studious compared to other classmates who wanted to enter universities in Japan….
But all of my friends entered their first choice of universities having studied hard at TCJ.
The teachers will support you to the best of their abilities.

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