Student’s Voice (China) | 2018-01-10
I was adopted for LSH Asia scholarship! I want to develop a new type of car!

  • Name : LI LINHAN
  • Place of Birth : China

Congratulations on your selection in LSH Asia scholarship. Please tell me the reason why you decided to study at TCJ.

My decision to enroll in this school was due to the multinational and diverse environment that the school offered.

What were you studying before you came to Japan?

I studied JLPT N5 level of Japanese.

What made you decide to apply to this scholarship?

I wanted to contribute to my family by reducing the cost.

How do you feel being chosen as the scholarship recipient?

I was very happy to hear the news. In fact, I couldn’t believe it at first.

Did you find the TCJ class helpful?

Very much so. I could feel my Japanese improving each day. Accordingly, it helped me with my daily life in Japan.

How did your teachers suuport you?

They gave me all kinds of advice cordially.

What is your goal from now on?

My goal is to make a new type of car one day.

What is your primary focus from now on?

I would like to work hard so that I could become a person helpful for others.

Do you have any message for those who are going to apply to a scholarship?

Never give up.

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