Student’s Voice (Vietnam) | 2016-12-20
Selected for Jasso Scholarship! I want to become a Japanese teacher in Vietnam!

  • Place of Birth : Vietnam

You were chosen as a JASSO scholarship recipient. Please tell me the reason why you decided to study at TCJ.

I did a research on Japanese language school after I made up my mind to study in japan. I chose TCJ out of all the Japanese language schools because I heard that teachers in TCJ are very thoughtful and passionate.

Why did you decide to apply to a scholarship?

I have to do a part time job in order to make my living in japan, but at the same time it cost me the time to study. I applied to this scholarship because I wanted to place my priority on studying.

How do you feel being chosen as the scholarship recipient?

I really wanted to become a scholarship recipient, so I was very surprised when I heard that I was selected. I’m filled with happy feelings.

Did you find the TCJ class helpful?

It was very helpful, both in terms of studying Japanese language and learning about Japanese culture.

What is your goal in the future?

My goal is to become a Japanese teacher in Vietnam. I would like to acquire lots of Japanese language knowledge.

Did TCJ classes help you in any ways?

I believe that the most important factor in getting selected is to maintain a high attendance rate. By maintaining attendance rate that is higher than 95%, and studying hard, you will be able to apply with 100% confidence.

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