Student’s Voice (Nepal) | 2017-07-14
I was adopted for JASSO scholarship! I hope to work as a sales staff in the IT field in Nepal!

  • Place of Birth : Nepal

Congratulations on your selection in Jasso scholarship. Please tell me the reason why you decided to study at TCJ.

Before coming to Japan, I searched about many Japanese language schools on the internet.
I found out that TCJ has a long history and its studying environment is multicultural. I also read “Student’s voice” on its website saying that teachers and staffs are very supportive, therefore I decided to enroll in TCJ.

What were you studying before you came to Japan?

I studied management for 2 years in University in Nepal.

What made you decide to apply to this scholarship?

The material fee of the University ( IT department) which I am hoping to enter is very expensive and it is over my budget with my income of a part time job and allowance from my parent.
Therefore, I applied for the scholarship.

How do you feel being chosen as the scholarship recipient?

I am very glad to be selected and thank all teachers who supported me.

Did you find the TCJ class helpful?

Thanks to the teaching of TCJ, I am now able to communicate in Japanese like a native speaker.
Not only could I learn various perspectives of Japanese culture at TCJ, but also make friends with Japanese people outside of class.

How did your teachers support you?

They provided me the knowledge of Japanese as well as advice for going to Universities.

What is your goal from now on?

I have a dream to be a sales staff in the IT field in my own country.

What is your primary focus from now on?

I would like to enter University and study IT.

Do you have any message for people who are going to apply to a scholarship?

It is said that “there is no pleasure without pain”. Please keep it up for pursuing your dreams!

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