Student’s Voice (China) | 2016-08-31
I was chosen for JASSO Foundation scholarship.

  • Name : Ted Fong
  • Place of Birth : China

Why did you apply for the scholarship?

Since I could get a high score in EJU, TCJ teacher recommended me to apply for the scholarship. I thought that it was impossible for me but I did it with their helps.I’m really happy to be chosen for the scholarship!

What is the thing that you are into now?

I’m going to enter Shizuoka university this spring and study in Renewable energies.It is required for international students to have high Japanese proficiency to catch up with classes. Therefore I’m studying technical terms about the field in Japanese now.

What are you going to try harder from now on?

I have two aims. First, I want to finish university.Second, I want to be a researcher after I graduate. I’ll continue to do my best until then!

Could you kindly give students your message?

It is simple but I think it is important to attend classes and review what you learn every day.Additionally, I did my best on studying for EJU.If you want to enter University in Japan, you also should study hard for the exam.When you get a high score in EJU, TCJ teachers will recommend you for the scholarship.
Your efforts will be rewarded. Good luck!

Mr.Fong, thank you for answering the questions.

Every TCJ teacher and staff hopes that you will make your dream come true!

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