Student’s Voice (China) | 2016-11-15
Chosen as the scholarship student at Kinki University

  • Name : TIAN BOWEN
  • Place of Birth : China

TIAN BOWEN passed the Kinki University’s entrance exam with an exceptional score. Due to his outstanding performance, he was certified as a scholarship student with four yours of exemption from the school fee.

Congratulations for passing the exam. Please tell us your thoughts.

It is an honor to be chosen as a scholarship student. I am relieved that I passed the exam,and my parents are happy as well. (Though my parents are telling me to aim higher)

How was the class in TCJ?

They helped me with my short essay and interview preparation extensively. I believe it was the deciding factor on passing the exam since unlike in China, where they only look at the test score, Japanese universities evaluate your manners as well. The writing style used in short essays are unique and quite different from what we use in daily life, therefore I would like to continue with my study to improve my writing skill.

What is your purpose of studying Japanese?

Japan is well developed both in the fields of western and eastern medicine; hence the reason I chose Japan over other countries. My goal is to create medicines for allergies.Moreover, I would like to develop medicines to treat pollen allergies which many Chinese people are suffering from.

Do you have any advice for TCJ students?

If you are planning to go to a science university, you need to study not only Japanese but also other subjects as well. It might be challenging at times, but don’t give up and keep up the good work!


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