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2018-05-11 Interview with Russian Students (Private lesson)

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We interviewed with two students Marina and Viktoriia from Russia. 

Marina (Left) Viktoriia (Right)

Facilitator (F):Thank you for taking your time today, Marina (M) and Viktoriia (V). I will ask some questions. Please answer questions in brief.


F:Please tell me your name and country.

V:My name is Viktoriia. I am from Russia.

M:My name is Marina. I am from Russia.

F:Two of you came from Russia. Which part of Russia are you from?

V:I am from Moscow.

F:You too?


F:You are taking private lessons now. How is your Japanese lessons?

M:I enjoy Japanese lessons.

V:Me too, We enjoy lessons together.

F:Do you speak a lot of Japanese during lessons?

V:Yes, We do a lot and study Kanji.

F:Oh, you study Kanji as well! Do you like Kanji?

V:Yes, I love Kanji. It is difficult to learn it, but I like it.

F:It is difficult for you to learn Kanji, but you enjoy to do it.


F:Great! You came here in April. You came to TCJ for the first time. How is TCJ so far? What do you think of TCJ?

V:The school is close to my house.


V:Yes, It is convenient.

F:What do you think of students at TCJ?

V:They are awsome.

F:Yes, Everyone is full of energy.


F:What do you think of teachers?

V:They are really kind and It is easy for me to understand lessons.

F:It is easy to understand?

F:Do you think so, Marina?

M:Yes, I think so too.

F:Great! Why do you study Japanese?

V:I like Japanese. I sometimes visit Japan. I would like to speak Japanese in Japan.

F:This time isn’t first time?

V:No, This is the third time i have come here.

F:Third time?


F:How about Marina?

M:I like Japan.

V:We have visited Japan together for three times.

F:You came to Japan together all the time?


F:Do you always come to Japan together?


F:Oh, You two get along with each other well. You would like to study Japanese more, because of travel or work?

V:I would like to use Japanese for both.

F:Marina, same as Viktoriia?

M:Yes, I would like to do too.

F:Are you a university student right?

V:I am not student now. I am working.

F:Do you work?  You are on Holiday now.


F:You came to Japan during holiday, You are studying Japanese hard now. You will back to your country.

V:I am working as freelance now. Design, I am a designer.

F:Two of you are a designer?

V&M:Yes, We are.

V:I like Japanese designer.

F:Oh, Two of you like cats! Please show me your design next time.

F:What is the most difficult part with studying Japanese?

V:Kanji is the most difficult for me.

F:How about Marina?

M:Speaking is the most difficult for me.

F:It is okay to reading and writing Japanese?


F:It is hard to speaking and listening to Japanese?

M:Yes, it is hard.

F:Do you have any Japanese friends in Russia?

V:We don’t have any Japanese friends in Russia.

F:Oh, you don’t have any friends. So, you don’t have many opportunities to talk Japanese.

V:I will meet Japanese friends.

F:Oh, on the Internet?

V:Yes, we send messages to each other.

F:You are good at writing Japanese! But, it is hard to speak Japanese for you. You need to have more opportunities to practice your Japanese. You have been living in Japan for 2 months, you speak Japanese everyday, so you will improve your Japanese speaking skills.

F:Have you ever had any trouble living in Japan?

V:Problem..We don’t have any.

F:Are you sure?

V:Yes, we are fine.

F:You live near the school. Your unit is tidy?

V:Yes, and very convenient.

F:Is there any station near your apartment?

V:Yes, we sometimes go to the station.

F:You walk to the station from your apartment. so, you don’t have any problems to live here?

V:Yes, we don’t have.

F:It is glad to here that. You enjoy to live Japan everyday! What things do you enjoy the most?

V:I love to study Japanese.

F:You enjoy listen to Japanese and speak Japanese everyday.

V:Yes, i totally enjoy everyday.

F:Everyday! It is great!!

F:What do you like about Japanese culture?

V:Well, I like Kimono and Japanese cuisine.

F:Right, You are a designer!

V:I like Japanese designers.

F:What kind of design do you like? Kimono?

V:Yes, I like kimono such as Japanese traditional design. We are a Web designer, but I also like other Japanese design. It is interesting.

F:Do you desing kind of Japanese style?

V:Yes we do.

F:After a month, you will go back home. You are studying and speak Japanese now. When you go back home, You don’t have so many opportunities to speak Japanese. How are you going to use Japanese after back to Russia?

V:I will talk to Japanese friends and continue to study Japanese.

F:Yes it is good idea. How about Marina?

V:We would like to study Japanese together.


F:Will you go to Japanese school in Russia?

V:There are Japanese schools in our country.

F:You will go there?

V:Yes, I would like to study Japanese with Japanese teacher.

F:Good luck on your future study! Your future goal is to pass the JLPT N3? Are you planning to take JLPT?

V:Yes, I would like to try JLPT someday.

F:If you pass the N2, you will have more chance to get job!

V:I will try N2.

F:Okay, Good luck! Thank you for taking your time today.

V&M:Thank you very much.

They answered all questions in Japanese well! Please keep on trying hard to study Japanese!

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