Contest | 2016-11-01
Two of our students from TCJ have received an encouragement award in a writing contest held by Takushoku University.

We interviewed YU WEIFENG and MA LIYA.


First of all, I would like to congratulate both of you on winning the award. Please tell us how you feel.

It hasn’t quite hit me yet, the fact that I have received this prestigious award, since I’m not content with my Japanese language skill.
That being said, I believe this award have given me confidence.

At first I was surprised, but that gradually turned into happiness.
I would like to take part in other contests to challenge myself.

Have you learned anything useful in class, in terms of writing skills?

I was able to write down my feelings that I had from class, since I was describing the atmosphere at school.
When it comes to sentence structure, I considered the readability that I learned in class, using specific examples.

I made use of the writing skills I acquired from writing research proposals which is required upon entering a graduate school.
I believe the method of “citing three specific instances” helped convincing my point to the readers.

Do you have any advice to the students who are studying Japanese?

I was only concerned about getting good results in the past. However I wasn’t particularly expecting anything when I was taking part in this contest.
My advice to those who are studying Japanese is, value the process of achieving the goal rather than expecting the result.

Though it is not an easy task to win a prize, you should make a challenge since you might be able to get a satisfying result.


At Nitobeinazo memorial hall, in Takushoku University.
High school・International student writing contest

Let’s keep working hard studying Japanese!

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