event | 2016-09-15
Earthquake experience at Ikebukuro Life Safety Learning Center

Event Extracurricular activity for July term Earthquake experience at Ikebukuro Life Safety Learning Center

New students go to the Ikebukuro Life Safety Learning Center and learn how to protect themselves from disasters.

Because earthquakes are frequent in Japan, TCJ hopes all students will be able to act in a calm manner when a huge quake occurs by furthering their understandings about earthquakes.
There is an earthquake simulation machine at the center. You can experience quakes at the same level as the Great East Japan earthquake that occurred in March, 2011.
The staff of the center instructed students 3 important steps to protect themselves during their visit.


1. Cover your entire body when ducking under sturdy desk or table.
2. Hold on to the upper portion of desk legs firmly. (If you hold on towards the bottom, it is unstable.)
3. Take cover immediately after you hear the earthquake alert or feel a quake.

After the instruction, every student experienced earthquakes with the machine.
Students who experienced the quakes gave us their comments;

“Even though I knew how to act in my head, I could not move at all with fear.”
“I lost my composure when I felt the huge quake.”
“It was just scary.”


There were students who could not follow the staff’s instruction appropriately.
Students cheered their classmates. It was such a pleasant scene.
In the case of emergency, it is you who can protect yourself.
We hope this activity helps students learn self-protection from disasters.

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