Student’s Voice (Myanmar) | 2012-06-26
I wanted to study management in a country where technology is more advanced than in my home country.

  • Name : ZIN MINN LATT
  • Place of Birth : Myanmar
  • Studied at TCJ (graduated in March 2012) → Graduate School of Business Administration, Kokushikan University

What is your motivation for coming to Japan?

In future I want to go into business, and so I wanted to study management in a country where technology is more advanced than in my home country. Furthermore, I wanted to study in Japan because I was interested in the Japanese language and wanted to gain a deep understanding of Japanese customs and culture.

How do you like the 2 years at TCJ?

Due to school rules, various events, the kindness of teachers who warmly took care of students, provided easy-to-understand explanations, and taught lessons thoroughly, and various other aspects, during my two years at TCJ I enjoyed my student life and classes, and my Japanese also improved.

What is your future plan?

I want to thoroughly study management at university and then utilize the skills I acquire to establish my own business in my home country in the future.

Please say something to TCJ students.

Leaving your home country to study in a foreign country is not an easy thing to do. Since everyone comes to Japan to study for a different purpose – for themselves, their family, or their country – you need to choose a good, reliable school.

TCJ will provide support for a bright future for all students, offering careful guidance so that students can achieve their goals. Please thoroughly absorb your teachers’ lessons, participate in various TCJ events, and enjoy your life studying abroad in Japan.

For me, TCJ is my second home. I am sure that virtually everyone who is living here in Japan alone feels that same way. If you have any problems whatsoever, please consult your teachers. They are always supportive of international students who work hard and successfully grasp the light of their goal for the future.

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