Summer Intensive Course 2018

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Summer Intensive Course 2018

Tokyo – Where Old meets New.
From the traditional shrine, culture, play, to the pop culture and cutting-edge technology … All are here waiting for you.Enjoy this summer in Tokyo with us!

The course will offer 3 to 4 classes of different levels. Lesson includes: Ready-to-use Japanese conversation (beginners), discussion and presentation (advanced), shodo (calligraphy) experience, interview session with Japanese students etc

Ideal For…

People who want to study Japanese that will help them on their trip
People who also want to enjoy tourism
People who want to study or work in Japan in future

akihabara shibuya meiji jingu asakusa ginza shinbashi roppongi haneda harajuku 秋葉原 渋谷 明治神宮 浅草 銀座 新橋 六本木 羽田 原宿

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* Please note that the schedule is subject to change without prior notice.

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Voices from Participants


Q : Please tell us why you decided to join the Summer Course.

A : Because it seemed like a good opportunity to travel to Japan while learning a useful skill.

Jacopo(Male) Italian

Q : Please tell us your opinion on the Summer Course as a whole.

A : Actually, it was my third time participating in Summer course at TCJ. I could not only learn different things but also recognize that my Japanese skill has been improved year by year.

Laurianne(Female) French

Q : Please tell us your opinion on the Summer Course as a whole.

A : The teachers were very nice and worked very hard. I am very glad that I came to this school because I could make lots of friends from around the world. I could also expose myself to Japanese culture through activities. Thanks to friends and teachers, this summer became the most memorable one!

Gabriella(Female) Brazilian

Q : Please tell us your opinion on the Summer Course as a whole.

A : I liked it very much. I found the language class very helpful and afternoon activities were so much fun! The Yukata try on session was my favorite and we go to keep the Yukata so that we could go to Omatsuri (japanese traditional festivals) wearing Yukata.


Q : Please tell us why you decided to join the Summer Course.

A : I decided to join the Summer Course because I wanted to study proper Japanese preferably in Tokyo. There were many language schools to choose from but the deciding factor for choosing TCJ was that it is located in center of Tokyo with good facility and experienced teachers.


Q : Please tell us why you decided to join the Summer Course.

A : I have studied Japanese in highschool and wanted to further improve my speaking and listening skill. I decided to join the Summer Course because I thought it was the best way to improve my language skill in a short period of time.


Date: August 6 (Mon) – August 17 (Fri), 2018

Japanese class lesson in the morning from 9:00 to 12:20, from Monday to Friday. 3-4 days of activities in the afternoon per week, each for 2-3 hours.

Fee: 58,000 JPY

※Please contact us for further information.

The fee includes: Lesson tuition, Transportation & admission fee for afternoon activities (except for Aug.16). *Please take note that the following fees are excluded: flight tickets, accommodation, visa charge and living expense. Should you require assistance with regards to accommodation, please feel free to inquire.

Giveaway to all participants!

About Tokyo Central Japanese Language School (TCJ)

TCJ was founded in 1988. With the long history and much experiences, we believe our mission is to help students fulfill their dreams through Japanese language education, and devote efforts towards career guidance.

Located in the center of Tokyo, very convenient to go anywhere

Variety of class levels to choose from, depending on your language level

Experienced teachers help students achieve their purposes

Multinational students from over 30 countries

Wide range of events to experience culture


The application for Summer course 2018 is closed.
Please inquiry us for information regarding the course
in the next year.

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